You and your family are probably planning on spending the summer on the water, even if you are an outstanding swimmer. Water safety is still a must, regardless of your activity you need to protect yourself and your family members. This also includes your four-legged friends, life vests, life jackets, and ski vests, they’re all familiar names for sailing pfd, or personal flirtation devices.

Their duty as the name implicit is to keep the wearer afloat and alive should they suddenly end up in the water or be part of watersports such as wake surfing or skiing. The life jacket style’s goal might be simple, but the method and fit of use can all affect whether your PFD does the job it’s planned for.

Check this guide for buying PFD

Searching for a safe life vest is a priority for any family looking for adventure on or in the water. Yet, there are a lot of choices in styling, sizing, and type of activity. A simple online search will provide you with everything from affordable life vests to custom life jackets and everything in between. Not all PFD is the same and you have to look for the right type and correct fit for your activities. Below is a guide you must consider that will aid you in buying the best PFD.


  • Regardless of the type you choose, nothing important than getting the correct fit. It is vital for safety since it’s more comfortable, there must be some adjustment room in both directions to permit less or more clothing. In the water, it will move up and could make it challenging to climb back into a boat, to see, swim, or to even breathe. You must be able to take a deep breath and have no extra room.


  • There are 2 types of wearable flotation devices, personal flotation devices, and life jackets. A lifejacket in the water will rotate you face up once you’re unconscious, while a PFD will keep you floating.


  • Also, you have to consider the price when looking for a sailing PFD. One-size-fits-all PFDs that are approved sell for as little as $50, while the most overpriced ones cost more than $300. The difference is about features and comfort, no matter what they are designed for, costly jackets use different panels of supple foam. This aid the jacket to adapt to body shape, while affordable ones tend to have huge sheets of stiff foam. The quality of construction also adds extra to the cost, as will the attachment points, pockets, hand warmers, other whistles, and bells.

If you’re an adult, you must not choose a flotation device based on your weight, yet rather depend on the size of your chest.

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