March 2023


Thinking of proposing to that special someone with the perfect engagement ring? If you’re already itching to get down on one knee and ask a question about a diamond engagement ring, you’re not alone.

Tips to help prospective grooms shop for engagement rings.

When choosing the perfect ring, the two most common considerations are price and size, but breathe a sigh of relief because there are so many ring options that perfectly reflect your love that she can wear and love forever. Many diamond engagement rings today are beautiful, classic, and affordable, considering their contribution to your future marriage.

Invest your time, not just your money, in finding the perfect engagement ring. When buying a ring, it is not the size of the diamond that is important but the fact that it is a symbol of fidelity and love. Focusing on your personality and style is far more important than finding the biggest stone you can put on your finger. On average, a groom spends three months shopping for rings, visiting four retail stores, and looking through 27 rings before settling on “the one.”

It is common for couples to buy engagement rings together. Thus, the bride-to-be will fall in love with her ring. Not to mention, it takes a huge weight off a man’s shoulders. Studies show that the groom is significantly less nervous about the proposal if the future groom is at least a little involved in the search for the ring. The less the brides searched for the ring, the more nervous the grooms became!

If you want to surprise her with a ring, you must do more research. The best clue to your taste in jewelry is what you wear daily. Pay attention to the decorations you like and don’t like. Whether you prefer platinum or yellow gold, designer brands, vintage or modern style, or an antique engagement ring.

You probably mentioned which designers or styles you like, even if it was implicit. Listen to their feedback, be bold, and ask close friends or family members. These are essential aspects when choosing a Grew & Co engagement ring because it is an everyday jewelry and investment. The comfort of the ring on the finger is also an essential factor.

Keep practicality in mind when choosing a ring. Your friends and family are great resources. They can give their opinion on what style or ring would look best on her. Use them to determine your ring size, preferred metal, diamond weight, and design style.


Take the time to review these guidelines before choosing a ring. If you follow these tips and do some research, buying rings can be an enjoyable experience! After all, an engagement ring symbolizes love and commitment, and you want to ensure you love it for the rest of your life.