When you are a smoker, giving up can be highly challenging, and without help, mental strength, and willpower, you will most likely not succeed. Some people manage to give up going cold turkey, but only 3-5% of people stay off the cigarettes long-term, so success rates are low. When you want to take back control of your life and get rid of your nicotine addiction once and for all, you will want to consider getting help, and there is a lot of it available. Below are some things you can use to help you manage your nicotine addiction and give up the cigarettes, allowing you to get healthier, save money, and live your life smoke-free.

Visit Your Doctor

The best place to start is by visiting your doctor and telling them you want to quit smoking and are interested to see what support and help are available. Your doctor may advise you to use nicotine replacement therapy to help you succeed, and they can go through each method’s pros and cons to help you select the best option. They can also inform you about the various support groups in your local area and speaking to people going through the same things as you can be an immense help when you realise you are not alone. You can then decide which NRT best fits you, and some of the most popular options are listed below to help you get started.

Vaping: Using an electronic cigarette or vaping device is a common method to help you stop smoking, and there are many types of devices you can use. Reputable e-liquid suppliers like Vapoholic.co.uk have a wide variety of e-liquids available, with something to suit all tastes.

Nicotine Patches: another effective NRT you can consider is nicotine patches, which keep a constant level of nicotine in your body, helping to avoid cravings. They are discreet to use and available in varying nicotine strengths.

Nicotine Gum: You can also get chewing gum that contains nicotine, which can help you manage your cravings for a cigarette when you give up smoking. You can also use nicotine gum when using other NRTs, and you are having a bad day or struggling to control your cravings for a smoke.

Nicotine Nasal Spray: You can also consider using a nicotine nasal spray, which works quickly and is available in different nicotine strengths.

Nicotine Oral Spray: Similar to the nasal spray, the oral spray is applied in the mouth and can help you control your cravings for a cigarette.

Nicotine Lozenges: Another option you can consider is nicotine lozenges, similar to hardboiled sweets and available in various flavours. However, taking too many can affect your bowel movements, so you must be careful and ensure you do not exceed the recommended dose.

These are some of the most common NRTs used by millions worldwide, to varying degrees of success. You must ensure that whatever NRT you use, you slowly decrease the amount of nicotine and wean yourself off your reliance on it. Use the available support in your local area to help you manage your NRT usage, and you can start yourself on the road to living your life smoke-free and taking back control of it.

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